1st Workshop on Seismic Fault-induced Failures
The Workshop is held from Thursday 11 to Friday 12, January 2001 at the Auditorium, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST).

 Keynote Lectures
The Behavior of Structures Built on Active Fault Zones: Examples From the Recent Earthquakes of Turkey Resat ULUSAY, Omer AYDAN and Masanori HAMADA
The 1999 Kocaeli and Duzce Earthquakes: Lessons Learned and Possible Remedies to Minimize Future Losses by Derin URAL
The Damage and Rehabilitation Work on Shih-Kang Dam by Chen-Shan KUNG, Wei-Pin NI and Yun-Jen CHIANG
Geological Background for Evaluating Surface-Faulting Hazards by Yasutaka IKEDA
Developing Mitigation Measures for the Hazards Associated with Earthquake Surface Fault Rupture by . Jonathan BRAY

 JSPS Project-related Presentations
Deformation Buildup in Soils during the Kobe Earthquake of 1995 by Kazuo KONAGAI, Hiroshi KAMIYA and Seiji NISHIYAMA
Model Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Surface Earthquake Fault by Muneo HORI, Maciej ANDERS and Hirohide GOTO
Lagrangian Particles for Modeling Large Soil Deformations by Kazuo KONAGAI and Jorgen JOHANSSON
Applied Element Simulation of Non-Linear Behavior of Dip-Slip Faults for Studying Ground Surface Deformation by Pradeep Kumar RAMANCHARLA and Kimiro MEGURO
Influence of Static Displacement on Peak Ground Velocity at Sites that Experienced Forward-rupture Directivity Mladen KOSTADINOV and Fumio YAMAZAKI
Experimental Study on Identification of Filter Cohesion by Yoshikazu YAMAGUCHI

 Contributions from Members of Special Research Group of Faulting and Fault-related Damage, JSCE
Research Subjects on Earthquake Resistance of Civil Infrastructures against Fault-Induced Ground Surface Ruptures by Masanori HAMADA
Deformation of Sandy Deposits by Reverse Faulting by Hisashi TANIYAMA and Hiroyuki WATANABE
Damage to ShihKang Dam Inflicted by Faulting in the Sept. 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake by Yokito SUGIMURA, Saburo MIURA and Kazuo KONAGAI
Mechanism of Damage to Shiwei Bridge Caused by 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake by Kenji KOSA and Eiki YAMAGUCHI
How to Infer the Possible Mechanism and Characteristics of Earthquakes from the Striations and Ground Surface Traces of Existing Faults by Aydan OMER, Halil KUMSAR and Resat ULUSAY
161 Damage of Bridges Resulting from Surface Rupture of Faults in the 1999 Kocaeli and Duzce, Turkey Earthquakes, and the Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake by Kazuhiko KAWASHIMA

 Plenary Discussion
Plenary Discussion 
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