Slope failure at Myoken, Photo by K. Konagai at 37.337638, 138.82792, Oct. 25th 2004 Surfacial landslide mass have carried some houses down. Photo by K. Konagai at 37.365531, 138.87782, Oct. 25th 2004 South mouth of JR Enoki Tunnel was clooged up. Photo by K. Konagai at 37.333813, 138.827931, Oct. 25th 2004 Damage to the linnng of JR Wanazu Tunnel, Photo by K. Konagai at 37.262287, 138.882422, Nov. 14th 2004 Dainichi-yama landslide mass before snow time, Photo by K. Konagai at 37.308383, 138.887722, Dec. 17th 2004 Prefectural route 71 leading to Shiotani Tunnel, Photo by M. Numada at 37.314143, 138.870277, Nov. 13th 2004
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October 23 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake, Japan
Time and date: 17:56JST, October 23, 2004, Mw=6.8, Epicenter: 37.3N 138.8E, Depth=15.8km

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