Looking down from the fault pressure ridge, Balakot, Photo by K. Konagai at 34.554149, 73.349404, Oct. 26th 2005 Devastated Balakot town, Photo by K. Konagai at 34.549143, 73.353546, Oct. 26th 2005 Damaged houses along pressure ridge, north of Muzaffarabad, Photo by K. Konagai at 34.396181, 73.472689, Oct. 26th 2005 Hattian Bala landslide dam, Photo by K. Konagai at 34.143768, 73.736431, June 12th 2009 Breached Hattian landslide mass, Photo by Allahbukhsh Kausar at approximately 34.14612, 73.74196, Feb. 10th 2010 Deeply scoured river terrace after dam breaching, Photo by K. Konagai at 34.161186, 73.740516, June 6th 2010
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October 8 2005 Kashmir Earthquake, Pakistan
Time and date: 08:52:37PST (03:52:37GMT), October 8, 2005, Mw=7.6, Epicenter: 34.49306N 73.62889E, Depth=10km

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