Praying at dusk in the tsunami-engulfed Yuriagehama, hoto by K. Konagai at 38.176183, 140.954725, April 16th 2011 Leading light at Ishinomaki Port, Photo by K. Konagai at 38.414609, 141.347953, April 16th 2011 Stranded oil tank at Onagawa Port, Photo by K. Konagai at 38.442795, 141.447175, April. 16th 2011 Stranded fish boat at Yuriage, Photo by K. Konagai at 38.175354, 140.955877, April 16th 2011 Tsunami-driven bridge girder of the JR Kesennuma Line, Photo by K. Konagai at 38.768046, 141.507254, March 4th 2011 Stranded ship at Kesennuma, Photo by K. Konagai at 38.915968, 141.581149, June 15th 2011
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March 11 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan
Time and date: 14:46 JST (05:46UTC), March 11, 2011, Mw=9.0, Epicenter: 38.322N 144.369E, Depth=32km

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